Film Processing

We offer B&W analogue film processing and scanning at our DIFC lab. The service is available for 35mm, 120 and 220 roll films as well as 4×5 sheet film using traditional B&W chemistry. Your negatives will be ready for collection within 48hrs.

If you need to “push” or “pull” your film we can accommodate this for an additional 25AED per roll. Processing of Adox CMS 20 film can also be handled using Adotech developer, although there is a minimum requirement of 4 films.

High resolution digital scanning is available and can be done at the same time as processing.

We also offer professional fine art inkjet printing as well as hand made B&W silver prints on traditional photographic paper. Our prices are as follows:


35mm and 120 – 60AED per roll
220 – 90AED per roll
4×5 – 60AED per two sheets


35mm 24 exposures – 100AED
35mm 36 exposures – 120AED
120 – 80AED
220 – 100AED
4×5 – not currently available


210x297mm fine art inkjet print – 150AED
297x420mm fine art inkjet print – 285AED
8x10in analogue silver print – 330AED

Visit our DIFC store to drop off and collect your films. We are always happy to discuss other services to suit your needs. You can also purchase a range of B&W films to replenish your supplies.